Always Included

A Command Force membership always includes an unlimited number of customers, unlimited properties, unlimited estimates, unlimited work orders, unlimited invoices, unlimited customer payments, unlimited services, unlimited inventory, unlimited equipment, unlimited storage locations, and so on. The only thing that may become limited is the amount of server storage for old files, like generated invoices/work orders and photos, but we've not had to purge a server yet!

Membership Pricing/Fees

Membership fees can be monthly, or yearly for a reduced rate. Rates increase as the number of employees increases, with the cost per employee decrasing as the user count increases. Membership levels can be changed anytime, with defined fee adjustments. Increasing your membership level means you can add more employees to your account and the cost increases with a prorated charge at the time your level increases, then monthly billing resumes at the higher rate at the next payment period. If your employee count decreases and then your membership level decreases, and your next monthly payment is adjusted down. Accounts paid yearly that decrease their membership level will receive a prorated refund at the time of membership change and resume at the new level on the next payment period. Read the Refunds Policy below.

Membership Change Fees

When changing your account level, your monthly/yearly billed amount will change. The new amount will be billed when your next billing cycle occurs. Increasing your account level will create a prorated charge for the difference between your previous billing fee and the new billing fee calculated for the remainder of the current billing cycle. Decreasing your account level will not create a prorated refund, and should be performed near the end of your billing cycle.


If you should choose to cancel your yearly prepaid account, you will receive a refund for the remainder of your prepaid term. Canceling a monthly prepaid account will not generate a refund. Read the Refunds Policy below.

Refunds Policy

Refunds issued for amounts of $250 and greater will be issued as a check mailed to the company address on your account within 2-3 weeks after approval. Our approval process takes into consideration the prepaid term type on your account, and your feedback is important to us. We may need verification of cancellation from the registered account owner. Refunds are not issued for mid-term account level decreases.

Membership Terms September 27, 2020

Our Mission

To assist businesses that offer services and inventory with in-the-field employees and vehicles to grow larger and faster, more efficiently and make a larger profit.

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