Employees come with a variety of qualities that can quickly get out of control when your employee count increases. Command Force offers employee management functions to make your life easier managing work orders and in-the-field execution of services, implementation of inventory, and track employee payroll hours, working hours, and more.

Employees (users) are assigned an employee status to help you group them more easily. The top level is the Owner, who is the person who created the Command Force account. Additional users may be assigned the status of Owner, upon request. Owners have unconditional access to all systems, functions and features by default. Any statuis level below managers must be assigned specific permissions, which is explained in the Manager Employee Permissions page.

Statuses subordinate to owners include Managers, Staff and Employees. Any of these users must be assigned specific permissions to View, Edit, Delete, Create, Clock-In, Message, Send Emails, Change Permissions, and so on. Each individual user may be assigned a specific and unqiue set of permissions, which can be backed-up and/or restored with downloadable encrypted backup files.

Contact information is defined for each employee, including name, user, password, email, phone, mobile carrier, address, notes and employee photo. Tracking data includes date of hire, employee status (Active, Probation, Quit, Terminated, Inactive), and general notes.

Employees may submit Time Off Requests as well as send Sick Notifications from the field. These requests and notifications are tracked indefinitely and can be accessed in the reporting system, in combination with time sheets, payroll reports and other systems.

If you have questions about managing employees call Command Force at 385-200-0692 or send a message to info@commandforce.com

September 27, 2020

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