Manage Services

Command Force provides a services management system. Services are any actions that your company provides for helping customers. This does not necessarily include physical goods, such as inventory or equipment, but you can configure each service however you want. Services can be categorized and subcategorized for easier distinction and display sorting and reordering.

Estimates Verbiage

The Command Force services verbiage editor allows you to optionally markup your estimate description of each service with HTML, to create bullet lists, bolded/italicized/underlined/striked text, add links, and other visually appealing elements. When you add a service to an estimate, the estimate verbiage is automatically included in the estimate so your customer is better advised.

Invoices Verbiage

Similar to the estimate verbiage above, but limited to plain text and maximum characters, the service invoice verbiage is automatically included in invoices when your converted work orders included the assigned service, or you add the service as a line item to an invoice.

September 27, 2020

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To assist businesses that offer services and inventory with in-the-field employees and vehicles to grow larger and faster, more efficiently and make a larger profit.

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